The Care Suite has been designed to provide a diverse selection of meaningful person-centred activities for all adults in care, regardless of age or ability, with all the elements necessary to stimulate, engage, relax and provide enjoyment.

The wide variety of Apps include;

  • Scenes and sounds from nature including therapeutic colouring
  • Relaxing virtual water with responsive fish and the sounds of the sea Interactive quizzes to encourage/maintain memory and recall
  • Physical games and activities to encourage participation/develop reflexes
  • Nostalgic themes and music to stimulate discussion and reminiscence therapy
  • Social games for shared enjoyment

’Our residents are really enjoying all the different activities offered by the Mobii system. It’s a powerful social tool, engaging them in quizzes, coordination games and reminiscence therapy as well as encouraging them to move and stretch’

 Annette Sudbury-Smith,
Manager, Tara’s Retreat Care Home, St Albans


App Menu

  • Simple visual menu screen
  • Easy navigation
  • Instant App selection
  • Colour theming
  • Notes and tips displayed

Remote Control

  • Simple on/off power
  • Up/down arrows to navigate
  • Ok to select an App
  • Freeze button to halt interaction
  • Up/down volume control

‘We’ve had the omiVista floor for 3 years now and find it an excellent tool to enable us to communicate with older people who have various degrees of cognitive impairment’

Emma Wootten, Age Connects Development Coordinator,

Widdershins Centre, Torfaen, Wales

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