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20 Jun Care Trial in partnership with University of Hertfordshire and Tara’s Retreat B&M Care Home St. Albans

We were delighted that Tara’s Retreat Care Home ( part of B&M care group of homes who specialise in dementia) agreed to undertake a Care Trial with us in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire to assess the impact of our omiVista Mobii System on the lives of those with dementia and other age-related needs.


The Trial ran from March 2nd till June 2nd this year and assessed changes in the resident’s overall mood, physical dexterity/energy levels, willingness to communicate and socialise and their enjoyment of the wide-ranging activities the Mobii system offered.


Activities Coordinator Tamara used the University’s questionnaires each time the system was used and evaluated the responses accordingly.


Some of the main findings regarding the different Apps/Activities:


The Catching apps eg chickens laying eggs and ice-cream chase were particularly beneficial in encouraging physical movement and social interaction/teamwork, with many residents standing up and stretching to complete the task as well as encouraging other residents to catch items that moved towards them.


chicken game group2
















The Therapeutic Colouring apps were particularly good for bringing smiles, calming agitated residents and encouraging large sweeping arm movements.


Lady colouring crop 1













The Reminiscence apps helped to promote interesting discussions about childhood memories, holidays, sweets and shops.


sweet shop shot















Scattering rose petals, bees, top hats, balloons etc with catchy memorable music also encouraged active participation and ‘feel good’ responses including group sing songs and lots of laughter.

Happy Shot 1








The full report is now being compiled with data from those sessions.





A big thankyou to all the staff and residents of Tara’s Retreat for their participation in this trial and their wonderful responses to our technology. We think the photos speak for themselves!

1Tara's Retreat Flowers                  With the Manager & Activities Coordinator of Tara’s Retreat

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03 Oct Introducing our OMi Ambassador Noah Wall #TheBoyWithNoBrain

Here at OM interactive we are very proud to have Noah Wall as our Ambassador. In one of the most moving episodes of DIYSOS ever, the nation wept as they watched Noah move independently over our sensory floor for the first time. Noah is a fantastic Ambassador for us because he has defied all medical opinion to achieve far more than was ever thought possible with just 2% functioning brain tissue.


As part of the DIYSOS Big Build,  the team at OMinteractive were happy to provide the family with the latest in sensory technology equipment, an omiVista interactive floor  to encourage & stimulate Noah who was born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, hip dysplasia and is paralysed from the waist down. Noah’s daily use of the system and his family’s unending encouragement over the last few years have enabled 4 year old Noah to make the most incredible advances both mentally and physically.


He is such an inspiring, cheerful, talkative boy who loves music and attends mainstream school one day a week.


Don’t miss the full moving story of #TheBoyWhoGrewABrain on Oct 11th @ 10pm Channel 5 next week. Noah we are so proud!


Follow Noah’s story at


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21 Apr Queensmill special school for children with autism – Fulham West London

SchoollVirtual experiences making a real difference

Queensmill is an “exceptionally successful school” (Ofsted 2010) in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham for children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). Since 2009 the multi-ethnic school population has begun to grow as it expands from a primary school to an all age provision. “We found the omiVista ‘moving floors’ and Timocco ‘child development game’ a fabulous tool for us. Children communicate with us and with each other in ways that we have not previously seen. Highly recommended!” says Jude Ragan OBE, Headteacher.

Read the full omiVista case study here

Read the full Timocco case study here



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21 Apr Charlton School grows with Timocco

timoccocharltonschoolTimocco is fast becoming a must-have product in schools and nurseries teaching children with SEN and various other physical and mental disabilities. One such school taking full advantage of what it has to offer is Charlton School, Greenwich, which has been using Timocco for some time and is seeing excellent results amongst its pupils. The unique product has been created to assist with the cognitive and motor development of children with a wide range of abilities and ages and is now available in the UK through OM Interactive. The Plus and the Pro editions of Timocco are designed to be used specifically by healthcare professionals and SEN teachers in a professional environment but a Home edition is also available for use with parents and siblings.


Read the case study to find out more

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21 Apr Speeding up recovery with interactive play – Birmingham Childrens Hospital

BCHBirmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BCH) provides a comprehensive service to children, young people and their families. One of the leading paediatric teaching centres in the country, the BCH carries out internationally renowned research and development in many clinical areas including childhood cancer,  nutrition, growth and metabolism; infant brain tumours; and studies into the efficacy, safety and optimisation of drug use in children.

Read the case study to find out more

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21 Apr Re-imagining classrooms – Kingwood CLCiSpace

iSpace LogoThe Kingwood City Learning Centre in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has created an interactive learning environment that inspires and motivates students to approach learning in new and creative ways. The iSpace uses a combination of several omiVista interactive technologies to deliver an educational experience that personalises learning in a unique way.


Read the case study to find out more

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