Educational Suite

The Education Suite is a rich compendium of interactive settings designed to support the core skills of the EYFS and KS1 Primary Curriculum.


With a comprehensive manual detailing the content and differentiated lesson ideas the Suite is a fantastic resource for any school or centre. Whether users are magically colouring a giant Kandinsky, virtual pond dipping, walking on phonemes, finding fractions, revealing food origins, exploring the galaxy or meeting characters from the past, they are engaged in an inclusive journey of knowledge and discovery.


Responses from those Educators already using it are highly encouraging…users are motivated, developing greater reasoning & observation skills and are satisfying tasks set out in the National Curriculum. It effectively removes traditional barriers to learning and challenges them to achieve their true potential.


Key topics covered include:

  • Maths Fun –  numbering & counting, sorting, comparing, geometry, fractions, time…
  • Literacy – phonemes, grapheme corresponders, CVC words, descriptive words, tricky words, story telling…
  • Natural World – animals, habitats, life cycles, plants…
  • History & Geography – civilisations, continents, famous people, famous places, homes, rivers, Victorians, Romans and Egyptians …
  • Science – animal adaptation, food sources, forces, materials, space, transport, weather & seasons…
  • My World – my body, staying safe, feelings, relationships, people who help, my day…
  • Media (Art/Music) – art mediums, famous artists and their work, musical genres and musical instruments…

“The interactive floor system is supporting children’s development in all areas of the EYFS curriculum including numeracy, phonics & literacy skills”
Ms. E. Kitto MA(Ed)
Meeching Valley Primary School,

roman empire crop 2

There are hundreds of settings to choose from assigned to the following 8 key areas:



Media (Art/Music)

My World (PSHE)

Natural World

Maths Fun



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