Interactive Sensory Environments

Our OMi Sensory Environments are created using the latest interactive technology on walls, floors, ceilings and tables to enable users to experience and discover the sights, sounds and scents of a world beyond their reach through active participation and positive engagement. Click on any of the links below to learn more about our OM interactive sensory products…

Interactive Sensory


Gesture controlled interactive technology

empowering users to truly transform

their environment


Interactive Floor Projection System

a motion-activated projection system creating dynamic images on any floor or surface


 Interactive Lighting System

a system of coloured beams of light that

are triggered to produce sounds, music and images


Interactive Wall Projection System

a system that displays a mirror image of the user whilst projecting dynamic moving images that they can interact with


Interactive Ceiling Projection System

a system that displays a mirror image of the user on the ceiling whilst projecting moving images they can interact with

omiView mobile

Multi-functional Wall Projection System

a versatile mobile projection unit for cinema and multimedia/TV/Games use.



a system dispensing a variety of themed aromas for sensory immersion


Colour Wash Lighting

a versatile lighting system which floods the room with a myriad of colours at the touch of a button


System Controllers

omiControl is a range of devices allowing users simple but effective control over all our installed systems

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