omiBeam mobile

Interactive Lighting System

a system of coloured beams of light that produce sounds and images when interrupted


omiBeam Mobile is a mesmerizing interactive lighting system where users simply move any part of their body into a beam of visible light to activate a fantastic range of audio visual effects. Every movement produces a corresponding real-time sound and or image. You can play the drums in a band, learn the alphabet or even venture out into space on a rocket journey.


The swivel mirrors make it easy to direct the omiBeams to a desired spot to harness the smallest of movements whether the user is; standing, seated, in bed or at floor level. omiBeam systems are successfully used over 200 educational and settings across the UK providing hours of fun packed learning and discovery.


  • Fully portable- plug & play system!
  • Extensive suite of content with over 60 pre-sets
  • Easy content navigation ( side panel)
  • Easy content creation and customization- 2 training sessions provided!
  • Helps improve understanding of cause and effect
  • Ticks the box for ”enjoy & achieve”!
  • Stimulating, motivating, confidence building and empowering
  • Helps embed learning through interactive experience
  • Encourages physical movement
  • Supports independent and group learning
  • Ideal for wheel chair users


New features

  • Connect your own switches to access a wide range of sounds and images (front panel)
  • Connect a video projector to enhance the visual experience (back panel)
  • Expandable to control 8 additional omiBeams! (back panel)
  • Optional- connect and control your favourite sensory equipment (back panel )


omiBeam Mobile is a plug n’ play unit consisting of 2 directable omiBeams housed in a self-contained portable unit. Ideal for wheelchair users.

Self-contained portable system ideal for wheelchair users

5312   omiBeam Mobile  £3,995 Exc. VAT

• 2 directable omiBeams
• Over 60 settings
• Supports multi-sensory switches
• Handover and follow-up training (applies in England & Wales

Delivery costs apply

Order Procedure

To place an order, Please call us on (+44) 01442 215 555 or e-mail us at

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