Room Control System

omiControl is a range of devices allowing users simple but effective control over all our installed systems


The omiPad touch screen controller enables the facilitator to quickly set the room theme across all our systems at the same time. E.g.

  • Blue walls/ceiling colour wash
  • Marine animals swimming on the walls
  • Coral reef to explore on the floor
  • Whale/dolphin sounds


A user can be fully immersed in an experience or place without the need for lengthy preparations, plugs and selections. Our systems can be quickly accessed using simple user-friendly controls and pre-programmed themes selected.


omiControl also gives users the option to…

  • Control the system by switches/buttons or another tablet (i.e. ipad)
  • Trigger sounds, images and music without need for physical interaction
  • Ensure system saves energy when not in use.
  • Control other sensory equipment incl. audio, lighting and aircon (please ask for details)

omiControl is available in 2 formats:

omiPad – Simple touch screen interface that allows quick access to a range of pre-programmed room themes where multiple OMi systems are working together. Can also control other sensory equipment.

Wireless Remote Control – Instant on/off control, system volume and app selection.

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