omiReflex mobile

Interactive Wall Projection

a system that projects dynamic images which respond to users movements in space and display a live image of the player within the game


omiReflex Mobile – This self-contained system can be used in any area and transported from site to site. The unit can be expanded to include various game consoles such as: Xbox Kinect, Apple TV, Nintendo WII and others – please ask for details and see omiView Mobile info.


omiReflex Mobile can be expanded to include the following options:

xbox360kinect Nintendo_Wii_Logo Ps3Logo2 other…


omiReflex mobile

Portable self-contained mobile system.

  • Self-contained portable unit
  • Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ apps
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Handover training

Dimensions and features:
52 x 52 x 91cm (WxDxH) 65kg

Image sizes:

  • When flush with a wall 135 x 100cm (WxH)
  • When 17cm from a wall 200 x 150cm (WxH)
  • When 41cm from a wall 300 x 225cm (WxH
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