omiView mobile

Multi-functional Mobile Wall Projection System

a versatile mobile unit that can be used with a multitude of presentation devices, interactive games consoles or just to watch movies


omiView Mobile is a self-contained multi-functional AV resource that provides a flexible presentation solution. Large and crisp images are projected onto any light coloured (non-textured) wall to create an instant activity. omiView Mobile is simple to operate and provides you with an excellent shared resource!


omiView Mobile is supplied as a lockable cabinet that comes complete with:

  • Ultra short throw video projector
  • HDMI switching unit
  • A stereo sound system
  • Blu-ray / DVD player
  • Apple TV – enables you to play / stream audio, video and images direct from your Airplay enabled device (i.e. iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac or any iTunes equipped PC) and to view internet content – subject to a wireless internet connection
  • 270 degree hinged doors for easy access
  • Lockable wheels for increased stability
  • Single power socket
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Dust cover

Dimensions and features:


52 x 52 x 91cm (WxDxH) 65kg

Image sizes:

  • When flush with a wall 135 x 100cm (WxH)
  • When 17cm from a wall 200 x 150cm (WxH)
  • When 41cm from a wall 300 x 225cm (WxH)

Multi-functional Mobile Wall Projection System

4301    omiView Mobile  £2,650 Exc. VAT

• Self contained lockable wooden cabinet
• DLP video projector
• Apple TV
• HDMI switching unit
• Blu-ray / DVD player
• Antibacterial finish and dust cover
(Optional items Xbox Kinect, Nintendo Wii
or others..)

Delivery costs apply

Order Procedure

To place an order, Please call us on (+44) 01442 215 555 or e-mail us at

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