The Journey from Sensory Rooms to Adult Care…

11 Jul The Journey from Sensory Rooms to Adult Care…

Background to the Development of our omiVista Mobii table System

We at OM Interactive were the first company to design and install interactive surfaces in Sensory Rooms, Day Centres, Care Homes and Special Schools in 2005.Bubble crop good

We are proud that our interactive sensory floors and walls have given thousands of children and adults with wide ranging abilities the opportunity to move, learn, explore and enjoy a huge range of topics/activities through movement and gesture. A powerful way to influence their environment and one that is liberating for those who find conventional forms of learning and playing difficult to achieve.

Our interactive table was first introduced to enable more curriculum led topics to be presented at a height that would suit wheelchair users and to enable educators to have a group of learners actively interacting together in a more controlled/safe and focused way, particularly beneficial for those who might find the moving floor disorientating/distracting or who would prefer to do seated activities. 

It was easy to see that a table projection system would also have unique advantages for some of our older users and we felt passionately that the elderly (particularly those with dementia) deserved to have a system that was tailor made for their use. So after much research and expert consultations we designed the Mobii, a mobile projection system on wheels that would fit over any size table of whatever height and could be taken from room to room or even shared between sites. (For those who prefer to have it fixed on a ceiling we have a system for that too).

The Care Suite of Content

chicken game group2The Content was designed by our Health and Education Consultant, Anna Park, a qualified teacher who began her career as a Day Centre Social Worker running activities in a Multi-Purpose Day Centre 25 years ago. There she learnt the importance of simple activities like singing, music, dance, art & crafts, cookery, nature visits, quizzes, computer skills and reminiscence therapy, seeing first-hand how important it was to physically connect and engage with the elderly and learning disabled adults in her care.

Anna recognised that all of these activities, particularly nature visits/travel, are not always achievable on a daily basis with staff limitations and physical restrictions, so when designing the content for the interactive table she wanted to ensure that it provided as much variety and appeal as possible, basing it on years of research in the adult care sector:

The Variety and Purpose of the Apps

The Mobii system has unlimited content and can be customised to present interactive images and music that are directly relevant to those in your care. It also comes complete with a suite of content of Apps that have been specially designed to stimulate, engage and encourage active participation:lady with butterfly

Apps that take users to places they can no longer visit: experiencing a virtual coral reef with moving fish and rippling water; the ambience of an alpine lake; the colourful northern lights of the Arctic; the summer buzz of a flower meadow with bees and butterflies and the babbling of a hilltop stream and waterfall.

Apps for reminiscence therapy that help to trigger happy memories and discussion of life histories; the old fashioned sweet shop, favourite films, school days, summer holidays and baking day with Mum.

Quizzes that help to stimulate memory, reasoning and recall as well as a way of measuring changes in cognitive ability.

Therapeutic colouring that relaxes through physical activity, using gently sweeping hand/arm movements as well as bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

Catching games that maintain and stimulate reflexes and hand/eye coordination and encourage social interaction, a sense of teamwork and most importantly the opportunity to have fun again.

Ongoing Development and USP

With over 200 Applications created and more being designed as a result of our latest Dementia Care Trial, this system offers a world of experiences and will provide interactive activities that can really make a difference to those in your care.

The omiVista systems provide a large-scale interactive area that cannot be compared to individual use of tablets and other devices. This is a social tool that embraces the whole group leading to shared memories and collective experiences.

There are estimated to be 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Research continues to show that…

‘Technology has the potential to enhance many aspects of both the lives of people living with dementia and their carers’ 

Actively slowing down the deterioration caused by passivity and isolation. Which isn’t just about symptoms of memory loss but also other subtle changes in ‘mood, personality and perception…’

Professor Dawn Brooker, Director of Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester.

(The Tinder Foundation ‘Dementia & Digital’ Project Sept 2016)

We at OMi are dedicated to ensuring that our Mobii system continues to provide an ever widening variety of experiences, recognising that every person has a different life history, memories, personality and tastes, they remain individuals in their own right. We don’t believe that a ‘one size fits all’ approach can adequately meet their needs so will continue to expand the activities and content we offer, treating each of our users with the dignity and respect they deserve.


OM Interactive Development Team June 2017

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