OM Interactive has commissioned Care Research to undertake an extensive independent research project to identify the use and impact of the Mobii Interactive table in care settings across the UK. This research involves video recording sessions and closely observing a wide range of responses to the system. Staff and carers are interviewed about the reactions they have witnessed and given the opportunity to comment on the effect the OMI Mobii is having on all who live and work in their homes.

This document very briefly outlines findings in three key areas following the completion of phase one of our research.

A consistent theme in our research so far is the value and power of the music used in the applications. The video data and interviews confirmed that engagement, movement and perceptions of enjoyment were greatest for activities that were tied to specific, well known songs. Music was seen to trigger the sharing of specific personal memories for those with dementia as well as leading to many spontaneous instances of singing and dancing.

Another key observation in the research so far is the central role the care staff play in effectively facilitating sessions using the OM Interactive table. Both the quality and nature of the interactions are highly influenced by their approach. Those staff interviewed discussed how the resource had played a key role in developing confidence and facilitating positive relationships within the home.

Observations revealed increased levels of independent physical movement as a key impact of the resource. Often movements were first guided by staff, with home members then continuing them independently after a short time. Spontaneously standing up to engage and stretch as well as increases in movement speed in certain games have also featured in our phase one research.

Louie Werth PhD Researcher

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Some of the benefits reported by homes, centres and hospitals using our interactive floor/table:

  • Greater socialisation, willingness to communicate
  • Obvious enjoyment and shared laughter
  • More flexibility and upper body movement/coordination
  • Sustained moments of lucidity and brightness
  • Improved relationships with peers and staff
  • Raised well-being levels and improved emotional stability
  • More motivation to stand up, stretch and physically participate
  • Greater opportunities to share personal stories
  • Staff get to know the person behind the dementia
  • Families enjoy joint activities without the pressure of finding words
  • Can be a calming or stimulating activity with a wide choice of moods
  • Opportunity for home members to entertain, independent of staff.
  • Flexibility of floor, table and bedside use making it fully inclusive
  • More spontaneous singing!

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