Interactive Sensory Environment

Interactive Sensory Environment

What Is It?

OMi Interactive Sensory Environments represent a breakthrough in Sensory technology. Here at OMi we have long recognised the importance of an active rather than a passive sensory room experience. We pride ourselves that all our technology is wholly inclusive putting users firmly in control of their surroundings.

The omiPad touch screen allows quick access to suites of preprogrammed themes so a whole room can be transformed instantly with mood lighting, floor projections, wall visuals and music.

Our five Key Products are:

omiVista – interactive floor projection; mobile or fixed.
omiBeam – interactive sensory lighting; mobile or fixed
omiReflex – interactive wall projection; mobile or fixed
omiSky – interactive ceiling projection
omiLED – colour wash lighting

Main features:

  • Wholly inclusive
  • Over 50 interactive sensory themes
  • Beautiful motion graphics and stunning interactive sound
  • Compatible with bubble tubes, scent, wind and others…
  • Simple room control using the omiPad touch screen
  • Minimum facilitator intervention
  • Easy customisation and personalisation of content

Individually each of these systems are revolutionary in their approach and combined they represent the future of gesturecontrolled interactive technology empowering users to truly transform their environment and be immersed in a complete multisensory experience. The visuals are stunning, the interactions are meaningful and the aural rewards are immense. OMi Sensory Environments bring the whole world into the sensory room & give the user the chance to actively explore a world beyond their reach.

The benefits are undisputed by all those who have used our systems; greater self-confidence, improved communication skills, better co-ordination particularly hand/eye & increased motivation. Facilitators find the systems intuitive and user friendly whilst users are actively rewarded for all of their interactions however small they might be.

We believe our Sensory Environments have the power to teach, empower and widen the experiences of all ages and abilities. So if you want a sensory room that is truly transforming please speak to our team of dedicated professionals who will advise you on the best installation for your school, trust or centre.

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