Interactive Lighting System

A system of coloured beams of light that trigger sounds, music and images…

Any interaction in a light beam is rewarded with dynamic visuals, videos, music and pop ups to display on the walls/screen.


The obvious correlation between cause and effect helps users gain a valuable sense of independence and control.


Users can for example:

  • Play the Drums
  • Travel back in time to hear Martin Luther King
  • Explore the Ocean
  • Explore the Rainforest
  • Visit a Victorian Toyshop
  • Have Fun with Fractions
  • Meet the animals of the Arctic
  • Investigate our Solar System
  • Discover Food Origins


Advanced users can also create their own personalised sound & image settings making this a powerful motivational tool with long term appeal.

System versions

omiBeam is supplied as a complete package. There are 2 main options: omiBeam Installation – 4 or 8 omiBeams installed in the ceiling and omiBeam Mobile – plug n’ play portable unit housing 2 directable omiBeams

4 or 8 omiBeams installed in the ceiling.

5108    8 omiBeam Install                       £5,495 Exc. VAT

5104    4 omiBeam Install                       £3,995 Exc. VAT

• 4 or 8 units of omiBeam
• Supports up to 6 projectors
• Over 60 settings
• Fully editable software
• Handover training (applies in England & Wales)

Projector bundle and installation
not included, subject to site survey

Self-contained portable system ideal for wheelchair users

5312   omiBeam Mobile                              £3,995 Exc. VAT

• 2 directable omiBeams
• Over 60 settings
• Supports multi-sensory switches
• Handover and follow-up training (applies in England & Wales

Delivery costs apply

Order Procedure

To place an order, Please call us on (+44) 01442 215 555 or e-mail us at

System content

omiBeam is supplied with 60 themed interactive settings.

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