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Founded in 2005, OMi is a pioneer in the design, development and supply of motion-activated interactive technology for the education, health, special needs and leisure sectors. OMi systems have led the way in developing inclusive sensory environments that truly engage by providing incredibly powerful tools that can inspire people of all ages and abilities – fun whilst learning

OMi systems are developed by our talented and dedicated team of experts, a fusion of art and science, combining powerful images, colour, movement and sound to create motion-activated solutions for immersive learning, physical therapy, multisensory stimulation and inclusive play.

At the heart of every OMi system is a huge selection of unique interactive content created by our experienced teaching staff who have first hand knowledge of both special and mainstream education and the health sector:

The Sensory Suite is a treasure trove of audio-visual effects designed to stimulate, engage and relax. Interactive scenes from nature enable journeys to the ocean depths, outer space and the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest, or the opportunity to play the drums, catch a cloud, hatch a chick or splash in a puddle.

The Education Suite is designed to meet the needs of the Foundation/Early Years KS 1 learner with a rich compendium of engaging topic based content in 8 key areas for inclusive learning that supports the core skills set out in the National Curriculum.

The Autism Suite has been designed by specialist teachers in the field to assist in developing skills that present a particular challenge to the autistic learner with 7 key areas supported including emotional understanding and social interaction, each with rewarding visuals and supportive literature.

With hundreds of successful installations and satisfied clients throughout the UK from schools to day care centres, medical trusts and commercial organisations, OMi are proud of achieving 12 years of market-led innovation and customer service.

Our creative team is dedicated to offering continuous customer support, advice and updates. Call us now to arrange a free consultation/demonstration. We’re always happy to help.

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