About OM Interactive

Founded in 2005, the OM Interactive team have pioneered the design, development and supply of motion-activated interactive projection technology for the care, health, learning disability, rehabilitation and special education sectors. OMI have led the way in creating inclusive sensory products & immersive environments that truly engage and motivate people of all ages and abilities.

We pride ourselves in having a design team that puts the user at the heart of all we do. We are continuously developing our interactive projection systems so they meet the needs of all our users with fixed & mobile versions for tables, floors and beds.

Our mission is for everyone to have the opportunity to experience meaningful moments; influencing & interacting with their environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.

At the heart of every OMi sensory projection system is a huge selection of unique interactive content created by our experienced professionals from the fields of care, health & special education.

Transforming the lives of people in care through sensory activities and experiences.

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