Motion Activated Experiences for Sensory and Learning Environments

Supporting SEND Provision in Schools, Hospitals and Centres

OM Interactive were the first company to introduce interactive projections into the field of Sensory Education in 2005. Today OMI continue to lead the way in creating inclusive multi-sensory rooms that encourage active engagement through motion.

The team’s philosophy is that every child should have the opportunity to influence and interact with their environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.

From fields to mountains, outer space to the ocean depths or even back in time to meet the Romans or Egyptians, interactive projections offer a journey of discovery that can be truly transformative.

We pride ourselves on creating sensory projectors that:

  • Respond to all movements no matter how small
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Encourage physical and mental participation
  • Provide opportunities to socialise and collaborate
  • Release potential
  • Make learning enjoyable

omiRoom immersive sensory rooms for special needs education

The omiRooms are immersive and fully interactive environments designed to create highly stimulating multi-sensory learning spaces.

A Calming Immersive Environment

Multisensory rooms and sensory products are of huge benefit to children on the autistic spectrum, and with other learning challenges. Having the ability to easily control the levels of sensory stimuli is important, especially for those prone to sensory overload.

OMi systems allow for precise control of levels of stimulation. Using our  easy to use remote control allows the sensory room to become a calming space when required, or a more stimulating environment at the press of a button, with incredibly responsive projections suited to group or individual. Our calming autism suite activities are designed for interaction and are very soothing and relaxing.

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Projected onto walls, floors and ceilings autism-friendly lighting in a sensory room provides visual stimulation and can improve a child’s focus and attention to detail while in a fun, relaxing and safe space.
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control sensory stimuli with SEN room lighting

“The OMi Sensory Room has built bridges across languages and emotions, allowing some of our most vulnerable pupils to share how they are feeling.”

“The new autism specific activities are really helping us to deliver focused lessons in an innovating and inspiring way”

Having the OMi Sensory Room has opened up the world to our learners. They travel to far off lands, experience unknown landscapes and learn key skills in a far more engaging way.

My experience of using OMi sensory equipment in clinical practice is that it brings joy (and gets people moving!)

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Find out more about  OMi’s award winning sensory projectors for the elder care sector or for adults with special needs.
If you would like to find out more about the benefits of our sensory light projectors for your school, centre or hospital, you can arrange for a no obligation demo on your premises, or online – or to discuss your sensory room requirements please contact us.

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