Motion Activated Projections for Adults with Special Needs

OM Interactive were the first company to introduce interactive projections into Day Centres, OT/Physio led services and Sensory Education in 2005. Today OMi continue to lead the way in creating inclusive multi-sensory spaces that encourage active engagement through motion for all ages and abilities.

The team’s philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to influence, learn about and interact with their environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.

From outer space to ocean depths, interactive quizzes to physical challenge games, interactive projections offer adults with learning disabilities a journey of discovery that encourages physical and mental participation as well as plenty of positive social/learning opportunities.

We pride ourselves on creating sensory projectors that:

  • Respond to all movements no matter how small
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Encourage physical and mental participation
  • Provide opportunities to socialise and collaborate
  • Release potential
  • Make learning fun and enjoyable
  • Enhance relationships and social skills

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adults with special needs using interactive floor projector

Adults with learning difficulties enjoying interactive floor activities and games using the omivista Mobii and fixed ceiling projection system.
Credit to Activ Interactiv Denmark

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