Fixed Interactive Floor/Table Projection

Our original omiVista Fixed interactive floor/table is the perfect solution for a home, hospital or centre that has a day room, dining area or sensory space,  ideal for permanent interactivity.

Situated flush with the ceiling or mounted just below (depending on ceiling type & height), this interactive projection system has identical content to our award winning Mobii but is sited out of reach and requires no storage. It can be focused to project onto either a table or the floor or both if the ceiling height allows.


Why use a Fixed omiVista system?

Our omiVista Fixed system has been our flagship product since 2005. Mounted on a ceiling it provides instant interactivity over a table or floor at the touch of a button. Some of the main practical advantages are:

  • Discretely positioned ( out of eyeline)
  • Requires no storage
  • Is well away from spills and obstacles
  • Allows for interactivity on all four sides of a table
  • Focus is set so requires no adjusting
  • Remote Controlled ( no wires)
  • Powered out of reach
  • Can be part of a new build design under ‘fixtures and fittings’ budget

Here are some of the benefits reported by those using their interactive table/floor:

  • Greater socialisation, willingness to communicate
  • Obvious enjoyment and shared laughter
  • More flexibility and upper body movement/coordination
  • Sustained moments of lucidity and brightness
  • Improved relationships with peers and staff
  • Raised well-being levels and improved emotional stability
  • More motivation to stand up, stretch and physically participate
  • Greater opportunities to share personal stories
  • Staff get to know the person behind the dementia
  • Families enjoy joint activities without the pressure of finding words
  • Can be a calming or stimulating activity with a wide choice of moods
  • Opportunity for home members to entertain, independent of staff.
  • Flexibility of floor or table use encourages greater physical engagement
  • More spontaneous singing!

Self-contained ceiling assembly projecting onto a floor or table.

8351 omiVista £4,995 Exc. VAT

  • Care Suite with 150+ apps
  • Manuals with session guidelines
  • Remote Control
  • Compatible with omiPad Room Ctrl
  • Handover training (applies in England & Wales)
  • System size: W 59.5 x D 59.5 x H 14cm
  • Weight: 15Kg
  • Image size at 2.4m height: 2m x 1.5m

8352 omiVista+ £5,495 Exc. VAT

  • Complete omiVista install system as above
  • Content Creator & Editor Software
  • Access to a library of tutorial videos
  • Optional additional half day follow-up training £250 – (when purchased with the system, applies in England & Wales)

Installation not included, subject to site survey

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Editable Version

All our interactive systems have the option to be Editable so that users’ images, videos and music can be uploaded to create person-centred Apps for even greater meaningful engagement.

Please call 01442-215-555 or E-mail:

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