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Sunrise Senior Living, Eastbourne provides high quality personalised nursing , dementia care and assisted living.

They bought a Mobii magic surface interactive floor/table over a year ago for use in their Memory Care neighbourhood, where they are dedicated to providing enriched person-centred care.

Nancy Walford, the Reminiscence Coordinator ( now Deputy Manager) talks about the effects the system has had on one particular Sunrise resident living with dementia:

‘One of the ladies we care for is quite insular within her world, she rarely opens her eyes and interacts, but since we’ve had the Mobii magic surface we have found a means to connect with her, it really has opened up her world. Now she will open her eyes and engage with the pictures on the table, she particularly enjoys participating in the nature ‘wipe’ activities.

Although she is unable to communicate verbally, she is able to feedback her enjoyment by reaching forward to colour in certain images, this tells us she is seeing the picture and understanding there is something to colour like a bird or a landscape. The Mobii magic surface is clearly giving her the motivation to stretch and interact with her environment and by repeating this action we know she is actively enjoying the process. Prior to the table we have had little insight into how much she understands and processes, this new knowledge allows us to tailor more activities around her needs. The table also provides her with a sense of achievement, her movements are changing the picture and she can see the product of her interactions and feel accomplished.

The Mobii magic surface has also increased her upper body mobility by giving her a reason to sit forward and outstretch her arm, it doesn’t sound like a huge thing but to give anyone a reason to interact in a physical and sensory way is widening their daily experience and enabling us to have an insight into the person behind the dementia. That’s pretty special.’

Nancy Walford

Deputy Manager

Sunrise Senior Living, Eastbourne

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