Life Stories Initiative – Keeping Memories Alive

Fond memories from our past nostalgic experiences can boost connectedness and help people feel a sense of worth and belonging. For people living in Care with dementia providing meaningful and personalised life stories content is often a spontaneous, enjoyable, and happy experience for them. It can also lead to quality  interactions between residents and care staff, enabling staff to better understand and know the lives of those they care for

The portable Mobii interactive projector supports the creation of  personalised life stories which helps residents to reflect and recount on a wide range of memories and past experiences, keeping those memories alive.

The editable capabilities of the Mobii allow personal content, family videos, pictures, music and more to be easily added to each resident’s keepsake collection for their individual enjoyment and stimulation at any time on any table or surface.

  • Personalized life stories content individually tailored for each resident
  • Personal content saved in individual “keepsake” folder for posterity
  • Content can be revisited, edited or updated at any time
  • Truly portable projector system for tables floors or beds
  • Creates quality interactions between residents & care staff
  • Links into Responsive and Effective Care and nursing home CQC requirements.

“After your lovely demo last week my brain went into overdrive. I contacted my clients NoK’s and explained all about the Mobii and mentioned the ‘Life Stories Initiative’ which they were all very keen to know more about. The clients I have would truly benefit from the Editable facility and their families would be grateful of the ‘Keepsake’. All that said I am so glad I went ahead and ordered my Mobii. ”
S.C. Day Centre Manager

mobii magic table projector life stroies projections in care home

How Does It work

With the easy to use editable Mobii system, simply upload residents personal memories videos images music and more into their own personalized keepsake folder, for them to interact with at any time and which can be preserved for posterity

Life Stories content

Responses to musical activities particularly exemplified the impact of the Mobii on residents’ wellbeing, recounting stories and special moments from their lives as well as singing and dancing to songs they remembered. A large proportion of reminiscence and nostalgia activities based around singing and musicality. Other popular life stories content includes:

  • Family & life Events
  • Past & childhood experiences
  • Holiday and Travel destinations
  • Work or occupational memories
  • Places residents have previously lived
  • Significant people famous or otherwise
  • Hobbies, interests and sports

The Life Stories Resident Template is a free form which can be downloaded and used to build up each residents individual profile for reminiscence activities.

Life Stories Resident Template

A simple, highly-effective tool to help deliver person-centred care through reminiscence activities. The Life Stories Resident Template allows for simple personalisation of activities on the omiVista interactive activities using information gathered on the form for individual residents. These forms can be useful as a quick way of keeping track of and building upon the each residents life story for activities coordinators.

Please feel free to download, print and use as needed.

Backed By Research

“The Mobii brings residents joy and evokes memories. The reminiscence activities are particularly good for working with people who have dementia.”

During a recent research study Care Home staff reported that Residents using Mobii Interactive Table were observed positively recounting stories and special moments from their lives as well as singing and dancing to songs they remembered.

  • 92% of participants had reminiscent and nostalgic interactions.
  • 58% of reminiscent and nostalgic interactions were initiated by residents.
  • 71% of services who completed our survey said they frequently used the reminiscence and nostalgia activities.

The Mobii supports emotional wellbeing by providing residents with engaging, meaningful and challenging content that is entertaining and acts as a spring board for further discussion and activity.

A number of residents who began sessions reasonably uncommunicative then developed confidence, speaking clearly, informatively and intelligibly about their past.

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