Colour Wash Lighting

A lighting system which floods the room with colour at the touch of a button…

The omiLED Interactive colourwash system is ideal for both sensory and educational application. It changes a space into a vibrant and dynamic learning zone with a kaleidoscope of subtly morphing hues.


omiLED Colourwash can be used to:

  • Reinforce a theme or topic
  • Create a therapeutic space
  • Enhance mood and energy
  • Work on sensory receptors
  • Aid creativity & boost imagination
  • Alleviate physical and emotional blocks
  • Encourage choice and independent thought


Students feel empowered simply touching the colour switch they wish to select.


There are many automated preset programmes to choose from. The Control switch can be wall mounted or wireless.

“We had a sensory room designed by OMi two years
ago. it has become the most popular activity with our
service users and is always booked.”
Jon Carr, Team Manager
Hyndburn Adult Disability Day Services
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