Interactive Ceiling Projection System

A system that displays a ‘magical’ mirror image of the user on the ceiling whilst projecting dynamic moving images that they can interact with…


Users can chase butterflies, scatter autumn leaves, paint pictures, kick footballs or move clouds across the sky all whilst seeing themselves captured live, moving on the ceiling above them.


This is particularly appropriate for users who…

  • Have limited movement
  • Would benefit from interactive therapy
  • Are comfortable positioned on a bean bag
  • Need vestibular input
  • Require proprioceptive feedback.
  • Would benefit from kinaesthetic learning


The omiSky+ version is fully customisable allowing users to
import their own images, sounds and videos. Ask us for
more details.

‘‘With very little movement of a child’s head, hands or feet they get an immediate response. Being able to change the content means we can keep them continuously interested.’’
Jonathan Morgan,
Ysgol y Gogarth Llandudno

This system is supplied with a dual camera system similar to omiReflex. Ideally suited for sensory/therapy rooms and hospital wards.

6309    omiSky           £5,500 Exc. VAT

• Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ apps
• Remote Control
• Compatible with omiPad Room Ctrl
• Handover training (applies in England & Wales)

6310     omiSky+          £6,250 Exc. VAT

• Complete omiSky install system as above
• Content Creator & Editor Software
• Additional half day follow-up training (applies in England & Wales)

Projector bundle and installation not included, subject to site survey

Order Procedure

To place an order, Please call us on (+44) 01442 215 555 or e-mail us at

Optional extras Educational & Autism Suites

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