Gorey Library – Mobii Magic Table

Gorey Library – Mobii Magic Table

Did you know that alongside our Sensory Toys and Assistive Resources (STAR) collection, Gorey Library also has an Omivista Mobii (magic table)?

So what is an Omivista Mobii?

Omivista Mobii (Magic Table) helps people with dementia and sensory requirements to engage and communicate with a series of light-up interactive games, they can enjoy fish swimming, growing flowers, piano (these are just a few of the many activities).

It contains a special projector that creates interactive light displays to enhance mobility and social/cognitive skills. The Mobii gives people the chance to play fun and engaging games with projected effects that trigger cognitive, physical and social interaction

Gorey Library is inviting school groups and centres to discover this cutting edge interactive light projection system that will help people living with sensory requirements to remain connected, while also improving well being…