New magic surface for patients in Older People’s Medicine

Over the Jubilee weekend, patients in Older People’s Medicine had the opportunity to play games together on our brand new Mobii Magic Surface.

The omiVista Magic Surface is a mobile system that can project various games and activities to any flat surface, making it easily accessible for all patients, regardless of mobility.

It provides patients with a source of entertainment and encourages them to get moving, socialise and unwind whilst in our care.

Speaking about how it was used to celebrate the Jubilee, Scott Barton, Service Manager said: “We projected a video of the queen’s coronation with music as they arrived and then we played some games; which involved throwing bean bags/rolling balls at objects moving around. Everyone seemed to have a great time and left the room smiling and happy afterwards. This small event really helped to alleviate some of the isolation patients can feel while in hospital.”

Patients have over 150 activities to choose from, including:

  • Painting
  • Games
  • Air hockey
  • Quizzes
  • Musical instruments

“The interactive activities will be able to be used by patients with staff, family, or other visitors to provide increased social interaction and improve emotional well-being. We are excited to be able to offer this “above and beyond” our usual service provisions thanks to the support of Charitable Funds.” Scott added.

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