omiBeam: Interactive Lighting for Walls

What Is It?

The omiBeam is a system of coloured light beams that create interactive wall projections with pop-up images, sound effects and music.

Any interaction in the beam delivers an instant reward. The system can support up to 6 projectors for 3 interactive walls in a room.

The omiBeams content is linked to the omiVista floor content creating a fully immersive experience.

System Content – Over 60 Themed Interactive Settings

System Versions

4 or 8 omiBeams installed in the ceiling

4 or 8 omiBeams installed in the ceiling

  • 4 or 8 units of omiBeam
  • Over 60 settings
  • Handover and follow up training
  • Supports up to 6 projectors
  • Fully editable software

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