omiScent: Aroma Delivery System

What Is It?

Adding that 4th dimension to sensory learning environments with a choice of over 400 scents.

omiScent is a nebulising aroma delivery system allowing instant access to a wide selection of scents that complete the multi-sensory experience.

The use of Aromatherapy in sensory environments is known to:

  • Create a tangible sense of place
  • Soothe and calm the mind
  • Help reduce anxiety
  • Create a positive sense of well-being
  • Stimulate the imagination

System Versions

Sensory Aromas Include: Cut grass, Lavender, Crusty Bread, The Sea and Green leaves.

omiScent Single

  • Choose from 400 pressurised aromas
  • Delivers a single scent at a time
  • Scent coverage 3m3 stand alone or 500m3 with omiControl & omiScent Mini
  • Holds one 400ml omiScent refill or neutraliser
  • Stand alone automatic or manually controlled from omiControl panel
  • Battery operated with timer
  • Wall mountable

Please call 01442-215-555 or E-mail:

omiScent Five

  • Choose from 400 liquid scent bottled aromas
  • Stores 5 scents at a time
  • Uses nebulisation to dispense a fine scent mist
  • Scent coverage up to 500m3
  • Long-life fragrances
  • Stand alone or controlled from omiControl panel
  • Low fragrance usage 1.5 – 3ml an hour
  • Range of control options USB/DMX
  • Mains operated

Please call 01442-215-555 or E-mail:

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