OMi Supporting the The Alzheimer’s Show 2022

We are proud to be supporting this years Alzheimer’s Show,  below you can find out more about our innovative sensory solutions to help people living with dementia.
If your attending the show, be sure visit us on Stand B4 and ask us for a demonstration. We look forward to seeing you there.

care home residents using a mobii magic table rpojector

Transforming the lives of those living with Dementia through interactive activities on any table or floor

“It doesn’t sound like a huge thing but to give anyone a reason to interact in a physical and sensory way is widening their daily experience and enabling us to have an insight into the person behind the dementia,”
Nancy Walford Sunrise Senior Living

OMi’s portable Mobii system creates interactive sensory images which can be projected onto any surface including any handy table transforming it into a “magic table”. Providing nursing and care home residents at all stages of dementia with a range of sensory games, music and social activities designed to stimulate, relax and inspire reminiscence. The interactive “magic table” activities have been successful in engaging people who struggle to participate.

The Mobii recently won the Outstanding Dementia Care Product award from  the UK Dementia Congress because of its suitability for people at all stages of dementia.

Care Research conducted an extensive research project on the use and impact of the Mobii system in care homes across England.  The research findings identified some of the ways the Mobii supported residents at the early, middle and late stages of dementia including:

  • Encouraging Movement: Over 90% of respondents stating they’d seen a positive impact on residents’ physical ability, participation & movements.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Smiles, laughter and enjoyment were consistently found with 75% of respondents believing the Mobii has helped their most withdrawn residents.
  • Reminiscence & Nostalgia: Many residents who began a session fairly uncommunicative became animated, talking about their memories & past experiences prompted by the Mobii activity. 92% of participants reminisced during sessions.
  • Social Interactions: With Mobii encouraging residents to become more social, often singing along & laughing with peers, staff & family members. 80% of staff agree it has provided more quality social time.
  • Sensory Responses & Interactions: Residents responded positively to the high colour visuals, ‘painting’ and sweeping with tactile brushes, balls & batons. Staff commented on the effects of the calming music content for those anxious or distressed with 96% of respondents saying they would happily recommend the Mobii to other homes.

Download the Care Research Report Summary

The CQC is keen to see that care and nursing home residents are engaged in activities and that their general wellbeing is being maintained – something an OMi motion-activated interactive system will certainly be able to help with.

Hundreds of care and nursing homes around the world are currently enjoying the benefits of using a Mobii Sensory Projector.  Discover for yourself the many benefits, by visiting us on Stand B4 at the Alzheimer’s Show 2022, or get in touch, to arrange a free demonstration at your convenience in your home, hospital or centre.

omiVista Mobii version 3 now amiable interactive sensory projector

Complimentary Tickets for The Alzheimer’s Show 2022

We are excited to offer you the chance to acquire complimentary tickets to the Alzheimer’s Show 2022 at the Business Design Centre in London on the 25-26th March.

As partners and supporters of the Alzheimer’s Show we have a limited number of complimentary tickets to share with you, on a first come first served basis. So don’t delay, send us an email now if you want a chance to come and see the Mobii magic table for yourself, and experience a demonstration of our amazing interactive activities.

Alzheimer's show 2022 London helps with all types of dementia

For a chance to receive your free ticket, email us now with your name, telephone number and the name of your organisation.

For more information about the Alzheimer’s Show and a full listing of events and activities visit:

omiVista Mobii version 3 now amiable interactive sensory projector