Motion activated projections for the Care Sector


Research continues to support the claims that regularly involving people in physical activities that stimulate movement, communication and mental engagement will always be beneficial and ultimately enhance their quality of life.

At OMI we recognise and understand the value that powerful visual/aural sensory stimuli can have in maintaining and improving;

  • Neurological pathways
  • Language and communication skills
  • Coordination and physical ability
  • Emotional health and wellbeing

Our ground-breaking Mobii system is the first truly mobile motion-activated table-projection system that can easily be moved to those who need it. It can be adjusted to a different height/size surface at the touch of a button making it an invaluable flexible intervention in all care settings.

Those with learning disabilities, age-related diseases, mental health issues or other physical health concerns need opportunities to actively;

  • Take part rather than passively watch
  • Socialise and enjoy meaningful activities together
  • Stretch, compete, think and be challenged
  • Unwind with a physical, calming activity

In those who have used our systems, professionals have witnessed positive changes in;

  • Emotional stability
  • Mood/outlook
  • Sense of self-worth/belonging
  • Physical effort/energy
  • Social involvement
  • Ability to share and enjoy

The interactive games motivate staff and residents creating a positive upbeat atmosphere:

‘’We are delighted with the positive impact the Mobii system is having on our residents living with dementia, their families and our team members. The interactive nature, the great variety of activities combined with the ability to move the system to those who are less mobile makes it a truly person-centred resource.’’

Jackie Pool,
UK Head of Memory Care & Programming, Sunrise Senior Living

’The Mobii has been a fabulous purchase for our home, the level of engagement and obvious pleasure of all our residents has been incredible to witness. There are so many different ways of using it, we even project it onto the floor and play fitness games’’

Debbie Strong, Home Manager,
Ysgurbowen House, Aberdare, Wales

Order Procedure

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