BBC Children in Need

A BIG THANK YOU to BBC Children in Need for organising a donation of our Mobii Magic Table to TAG Youth Clubs.

TAG Youth Clubs provide a safe, stimulating and engaging environment for anyone with a disability or additional needs to meet up with their friends, take part in fun activities and learn social and life skills.
OMi’s philosophy is that every child should have the opportunity to influence and interact with their environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.

From fields to mountains, outer space to the ocean depths or even back in time to meet the Romans or Egyptians, interactive projections offer a journey of discovery that can be truly transformative.

We pride ourselves on creating sensory projectors that:
– Respond to all movements no matter how small
– Stimulate the imagination
– Remove barriers to learning
– Encourage physical and mental participation
– Provide opportunities to socialise and collaborate
– Release potential
– Make learning enjoyable