Epson Interview with OM Interactive’s Director

We are excited to share an insightful video interview with our director, Mishka Klotz, conducted by Epson. In this interview, Mishka discusses the profound impact of the Budii system on children, adults, and the elderly with disabilities.

The Budii system provides a platform for engagement without the risk of failure, making it accessible to individuals regardless of their impairments. Whether a person is visually impaired, has limited hearing, or mobility challenges, they can still interact with the content seamlessly. The ability to project onto various surfaces like tables, floors, walls, wheelchair trays, and even bed linens ensures that everyone can participate.

This innovative approach to engagement is not only life-changing for individuals with impairments but is also gaining interest in new markets. Sectors such as leisure, visitor attractions, theme parks, hotels, retail stores, and play areas are exploring the potential of creating interactive experiences using the Budii system.

Our collaboration with projector manufacturers like Epson is crucial. Epson’s projectors are renowned for their quality, durability, and reliability, ensuring that our clients enjoy the best possible experience. With laser technology providing long-lasting and vivid image quality, Epson projectors perfectly complement the Budii system’s interactive capabilities.

Watch the full interview to learn more about how the Budii system is transforming lives and creating new opportunities for interactive engagement.