Lakeside School: Transforming Learning with the Mobii Interactive Projector

We are delighted to share an inspiring story from Lakeside School, where our Mobii interactive projector is making a significant impact on students’ learning and development.

At Lakeside School, the Mobii has transformed classrooms into dynamic and interactive learning environments. This cutting-edge technology fosters collaboration, enhances motor skills, and brings joy to both students and teachers. The positive feedback from the school Headteacher highlights the Mobii’s role in engaging students and supporting their developmental growth.

The staff at Lakeside School have integrated the Mobii into their curriculum, creating engaging lessons and activities that capture students’ attention and promote active learning. The interactive projector’s versatility allows for a wide range of educational experiences, catering to the diverse needs of students.

We recently had the pleasure of filming at Lakeside School to showcase the real-world impact of the Mobii. In the video, you can hear directly from the Headteacher and  Sensory Impairment Lead about how this innovative tool has transformed their learning environment.

Watch the video to see the Mobii in action and hear the heartwarming stories of success: