BBC1 – OMi Ambassador Noah on DIY SOS 20th Anniversary

On 6th September 2019 we were delighted to see our very own Ambassador, Noah Wall, back on our screens as part of the DIY SOS 20th Anniversary Special on BBC1.

The programme celebrated the amazing impact the DIY SOS home make-over has had on the Wall family in the five years since it was filmed, particularly the incredible advances Noah has made, due in part to the specialist equipment he was gifted.  Born with spina bifida and only 2% brain Noah was not expected to survive birth let alone develop into the bright capable boy we know and love today.Noah Wall on BBC DIY SOS 20th Anniversary

His Mum, Shelly, talks movingly about the way his life has been transformed in this interview with BBC Radio Cumbria…

She still feels indebted to the kindness of those who volunteered their time and donated life-changing equipment, particularly the gifts of Noah’s first wheelchair and his beloved sensory floor. The chair gave Noah the freedom to move on his own and the sensory floor motivated him to move.Noah Wall on OMi Sensory FloorEvery day the omiVista sensory floor activities were used to encourage Noah to move, roll, stretch, flip, think, laugh and play: helping him to develop his muscles, reflexes, coordination, aiding digestion, calming him with relaxing music and nature images and all whilst exercising his brain. Shelly is convinced this sensory and physical stimulation has had a profound effect on his overall development. He can move his legs more than ever before and his brain has grown to an incredible 80%, confounding all medical opinion.Noah continues to amaze us all with his personal achievements and determination. He has been through so much in his short life and faces each hurdle with such courage, we are just incredibly proud to have played a part in his story.OMi Ambassador Noah Wall on BBC DIY SOS 20th AniversaryWatch Noah’s full episode of DIY SOS on iPlayer:Please visit his @HugsforNoah page to learn more about him