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innovation spotlight Future of Care for Dementia and an Aging Population

TAD Podcast Innovation Spotlight on Life Stories Initiative

OMi’s Life Stories Initiative is featured in the Innovation Spotlight of the latest episode of The Future of Care for Dementia and an Aging Population podcast by Third Age Design.

Life Stories Initiative Innovation Spotlight TAD Podcast


This month the Third Age Design Podcast was recorded live from the Care Show 2021 in Birmingham, and discusses issues including the impact of environment on staffing, care integration into the community and significant technological innovations in dementia support.

The Innovation spotlight this month looks at the personalised Life Stories experience available on the omiVista Mobii interactive sensory projector. Offering stimulating and beneficial person centred care by providing an interactive experience based around significant and meaningful images and music, to help connect people with dementia to staff, family and other residents.
Find Out More About Life Stories Initiative.

Listen to The Future of Care for Dementia and an Aging Population podcast by Third Age Design here: https://bit.ly/3q6wfRG.

Stay abreast of the latest global design innovations in care, dementia and retirement living with Third Age Designs monthly podcast, examining trends for dementia care and support for care for an aging population significant technological innovations in dementia support.

The Future of Care for Dementia and an Aging Population  Podcast is also available on Google Podcast, listen here: https://bit.ly/3nQ8PNG

Mobii £ interacive sensory projector for tables and floors

Celebrating the launch of the omiVista Mobii 3 interactive sensory projector.

Following the success of the omiVista Mobii 2, with over 1000 units being delivered into the UK care sector alone, OM Interactive have announced the launch of the latest generation of their UK built mobile sensory projector, the omiVista Mobii 3.

The omiVista range of sensory projectors includes the mobile Mobii 3 and the Install ceiling mounted system both of which come in editable or non-editable versions, and are aimed at the SEN, CSEN, and Adult Care Sector, with and expanding activities suites designed specifically for each market.

omivista mobii 3 interacive table projectorMobii projectors are simple to use motion-activated sensory systems designed to engage and motivate people with cognitive, physical or sensory impairment, enabling care staff to lead them in a wide range of fun, creative and social activities. Mobii 3 has improved motion tracking technology  razor sharp pictures and amazing videos with incredible colours and brightness, while providing outstanding reliability and longevity.

Mobii 3 new features & improvements

  • A new and improved ergonomic Bluetooth remote control.
  • New improved movement tracking technology.
  • Easy access focus controls now located on top panel.
  • Larger back storage panel with remote control holder.

The portable Mobii 3 system projects interactive sensory images onto any horizontal surface including tables, floors or  beds. Providing adults in care at different stages of dementia or people with learning difficulties and disabilities at different levels of cognitive and physical ability with a range of sensory activities, games, and music  designed to stimulate, relax and enjoy.

new Bluetooth remote control for omivista mobii interactive projection system

The Mobii’s exceptional versatility enables use with small or large groups as well as individually which enables care staff, teachers or activities co-ordinators to facilitate interactions and engagement in lots of different care and support settings.

OM Interactive have led the way in providing inter-generational sensory projections in schools, homes, hospitals and specialist centres since 2005. With a dedicated team of engineers, designers and health-care specialists they have created a bespoke range of sensory products that provide meaningful activities for all ages and abilities to encourage movement, active participation and shared enjoyment.

In 2018 the OMI team were delighted to receive the National Dementia Care Outstanding Product Award in ‘recognition of the incredible opportunities the omiVista Mobii system has brought people at all stages of dementia.

Find out more about the new omiVista Mobii 3 and how it can deliver meaningful and person centred activities for those in your care

mobile interacive mobii table and floor projector

BBC1 – OMi Ambassador Noah on DIY SOS 20th Anniversary

On 6th September 2019 we were delighted to see our very own Ambassador, Noah Wall, back on our screens as part of the DIY SOS 20th Anniversary Special on BBC1.

The programme celebrated the amazing impact the DIY SOS home make-over has had on the Wall family in the five years since it was filmed, particularly the incredible advances Noah has made, due in part to the specialist equipment he was gifted.  Born with spina bifida and only 2% brain Noah was not expected to survive birth let alone develop into the bright capable boy we know and love today.Noah Wall on BBC DIY SOS 20th Anniversary

His Mum, Shelly, talks movingly about the way his life has been transformed in this interview with BBC Radio Cumbria…

She still feels indebted to the kindness of those who volunteered their time and donated life-changing equipment, particularly the gifts of Noah’s first wheelchair and his beloved sensory floor. The chair gave Noah the freedom to move on his own and the sensory floor motivated him to move.Noah Wall on OMi Sensory FloorEvery day the omiVista sensory floor activities were used to encourage Noah to move, roll, stretch, flip, think, laugh and play: helping him to develop his muscles, reflexes, coordination, aiding digestion, calming him with relaxing music and nature images and all whilst exercising his brain. Shelly is convinced this sensory and physical stimulation has had a profound effect on his overall development. He can move his legs more than ever before and his brain has grown to an incredible 80%, confounding all medical opinion.Noah continues to amaze us all with his personal achievements and determination. He has been through so much in his short life and faces each hurdle with such courage, we are just incredibly proud to have played a part in his story.OMi Ambassador Noah Wall on BBC DIY SOS 20th AniversaryWatch Noah’s full episode of DIY SOS on iPlayer:Please visit his @HugsforNoah page to learn more about him

interactive play to speed up recovery

Speeding up recovery with interactive play

Case Study: Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BCH) provides a comprehensive service to children, young people and their families. One of the leading paediatric teaching centres in the country, the BCH carries out internationally renowned research and development in many clinical areas including childhood cancer, nutrition, growth and metabolism; infant brain tumours; and studies into the efficacy, safety and optimisation of drug use in children.

With a 280 bed capacity for in-patients and day-cases, as well as an emergency department dealing with over 45,000 patients a year, the hospital is a very busy place and Jane Cotterill, Renal Services Manager on Ward 1, is always looking out for opportunities to provide the children in her care with new activities that they could do by themselves that would help with their recovery and stimulate them into doing more exercise.

Birmingham Children's Hospital

After visiting the OM Interactive (OMi) stand at the Naidex show at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, Jane was convinced that OMi’s interactive systems were just what they needed on the ward and that they could deliver really good benefits for her patients: “The systems offered something completely different to anything I’d seen before and one of the immediate attractions was that the kids would get a really exciting experience but there was nothing for them to break.”

“Using the omiVista activities is exciting and such fun that the children forget all about the potential pain and are exercising without even thinking about it.”

The Renal Services ward installed the first OMi interactive projection system, omiVista in its play area in 2009 and it has been used every day since. Jane says the system is so popular that if they haven’t switched it on then the children are coming to them and asking them to. This in itself is a major achievement as normally many of the children just lie in bed or go for little walks around the ward: “Post–surgery, many of the children have limited mobility and are frightened to move around as they think it will hurt. Jane explains. The OMi system has really helped with this as it is a real carrot to get them out of bed, which helps to speed up their recovery as the more they move around the better. Using the system is exciting and such fun that they forget all about the potential pain and are exercising without even thinking about it.” The system is used in structured sessions with a play worker Jenny Ralph.

children using interactive floor sensory activities in Birmingham childrens hospital

“The omiVista is so intuitive and reacts to the slightest gesture or movement, it is easy for all children to play and enjoy the interactive experiences.”

However, Jane and her staff have found that one of the biggest benefits of the omiVista system is that the children can be left alone to play with it as it is completely safe. Also, as the system is so intuitive and reacts to the slightest gesture or movement, it is easy for all children to play and enjoy the interactive experiences.

Of all of the activities that the ward provides for the children, Jane believes the OMi interactive system is the best: “Even though we were excited about the systems when we saw them at Naidex we did have a few doubts about how they would work in reality but those doubts have been completely dispelled. We are really impressed with our interactive projection system and our expectations have been completely exceeded.”

omiVista interactive sensory floor projection in BCH sensory room

Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has installed three omiVista install interactive projection systems to provide interactive play activities throughout the hospital. To find out more about how OMi’s interactive sensory projection systems can improve the quality of care in hospitals or schools contact us or arrange a demonstration.


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