17 Nov Prize Draw Winners Announced!


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Many thanks to Judith Chamberlain, Headteacher of Lakeside School, Welwyn Garden City for officiating at our Prize Draw and pulling out two very worthy winners!


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10 Sep Maths and literacy are interactive and fun…

Children and staff at Lakeside School, Welwyn Garden City are really enjoying maths and literacy hour using their brand new omiVista Educational Suite.

Headteacher Judith Chamberlain says ‘The children love it…there are so many good ideas on here…so many of the maths and literacy concepts lend themselves perfectly to the omiVista. Some of the visual word apps really got the children coming up with ideas for adjectives.’

One pupil, Neil, summed it up in just two words ‘It’s FANTASTIC!’


Lakeside 6aLakeside 5Lakeside 2

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