24 Mar See us on DIYSOS BBC1 Thursday 31st March 9pm

BBC1 is to re-show one of the most moving episodes of DIYSOS when young Noah Wall and his family have their cold/unsafe home transformed by teams of willing volunteers. We at Omi were proud to gift Noah an omiVista floor as part of that re-build and were thrilled at his response to it. His Mum Shelly, has kept in touch with us and is forever grateful for the equipment that gives him so much pleasure.


Recently we returned to Abbeytown in Cumbria to visit the delightful Noah Wall and give him exciting new content for his omiVista system as an early 4th birthday present. Here we see one of our OMI team members, Wayne, sharing a special moment with him and below popping a ‘virtual’ birthday balloon.




Noah who was born with severe spina bifida, hydrocephalus, only 2% functioning brain and is paralysed from the chest down has stunned experts with his incredible zest for life and determination to achieve.



The family believe the omiVista floor has motivated Noah to stretch, crawl, play and communicate everyday.


His Mum Shelly says ‘He now knows all of his colours, numbers and shapes and can even count to 20…he’s always singing and dancing’.


4yr old Noah continues to amaze everyone with his progress. We feel privileged to have been a part of Noah’s story and are delighted that our gift has meant so much to the family. (


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04 Feb Bett Show 2016



The OMI TEAM @ BETT: Mishka, Ian, Anna & Mark

We were delighted with the feedback from Educators, Sensory Specialists and IT/STEM Professionals who took the time to visit our stand at BETT this year.


‘2016 is a very exciting year for us, our immersive learning environments are creating the classroom of the future with our new Educational/Sensory Content for the omiVista already benefiting those working within the National Curriculum, The launch of our Autism Suite at Easter is also greatly anticipated and will provide a much needed resource for all those working in the field’. Anna Park (OMi Education Consultant).


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us at BETT, we really do value your input and enjoyed sharing your visions of how our systems could benefit those you work with. We would of course be happy to continue those conversations and offer you a free onsite demonstration in your school or centre.

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17 Nov Prize Draw Winners Announced!


winners news flash1

Many thanks to Judith Chamberlain, Headteacher of Lakeside School, Welwyn Garden City for officiating at our Prize Draw and pulling out two very worthy winners!


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10 Sep Maths and literacy are interactive and fun…

Children and staff at Lakeside School, Welwyn Garden City are really enjoying maths and literacy hour using their brand new omiVista Educational Suite.

Headteacher Judith Chamberlain says ‘The children love it…there are so many good ideas on here…so many of the maths and literacy concepts lend themselves perfectly to the omiVista. Some of the visual word apps really got the children coming up with ideas for adjectives.’

One pupil, Neil, summed it up in just two words ‘It’s FANTASTIC!’


Lakeside 6aLakeside 5Lakeside 2

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