Mobii £ interacive sensory projector for tables and floors

Celebrating the launch of the omiVista Mobii 3 interactive sensory projector.

Following the success of the omiVista Mobii 2, with over 1000 units being delivered into the UK care sector alone, OM Interactive have announced the launch of the latest generation of their UK built mobile sensory projector, the omiVista Mobii 3.

The omiVista range of sensory projectors includes the mobile Mobii 3 and the Install ceiling mounted system both of which come in editable or non-editable versions, and are aimed at the SEN, CSEN, and Adult Care Sector, with and expanding activities suites designed specifically for each market.

omivista mobii 3 interacive table projectorMobii projectors are simple to use motion-activated sensory systems designed to engage and motivate people with cognitive, physical or sensory impairment, enabling care staff to lead them in a wide range of fun, creative and social activities. Mobii 3 has improved motion tracking technology  razor sharp pictures and amazing videos with incredible colours and brightness, while providing outstanding reliability and longevity.

Mobii 3 new features & improvements

  • A new and improved ergonomic Bluetooth remote control.
  • New improved movement tracking technology.
  • Easy access focus controls now located on top panel.
  • Larger back storage panel with remote control holder.

The portable Mobii 3 system projects interactive sensory images onto any horizontal surface including tables, floors or  beds. Providing adults in care at different stages of dementia or people with learning difficulties and disabilities at different levels of cognitive and physical ability with a range of sensory activities, games, and music  designed to stimulate, relax and enjoy.

new Bluetooth remote control for omivista mobii interactive projection system

The Mobii’s exceptional versatility enables use with small or large groups as well as individually which enables care staff, teachers or activities co-ordinators to facilitate interactions and engagement in lots of different care and support settings.

OM Interactive have led the way in providing inter-generational sensory projections in schools, homes, hospitals and specialist centres since 2005. With a dedicated team of engineers, designers and health-care specialists they have created a bespoke range of sensory products that provide meaningful activities for all ages and abilities to encourage movement, active participation and shared enjoyment.

In 2018 the OMI team were delighted to receive the National Dementia Care Outstanding Product Award in ‘recognition of the incredible opportunities the omiVista Mobii system has brought people at all stages of dementia.

Find out more about the new omiVista Mobii 3 and how it can deliver meaningful and person centred activities for those in your care

mobile interacive mobii table and floor projector

residents enjoying interactive sensory games and activities

1000th Mobii 2 delivered into UK care

mobii magic table brings joy and laughter to care home in falmouth

Magic tables bring joy and laughter to care homes

MHA, the largest charity Care provider in the UK are investing in Mobii interactive, motion-activated sensory projection systems which support residents living with dementia – and the effect on residents, their families and staff has been amazing.

Staff using OMi Mobii Magic Tables at MHA care homes in Falmouth, Stoke on Trent, Chippenham and London have been able work with residents like never before.

Mobii’s use of therapeutic scenes and sounds which derive from nature have been known to instantly promote feelings of calm for residents living with dementia.

Mobii Magic Table in use by care homes staff and residents

L/r: Falmouth mayor Geoff Evans, resident Mavis Brand and David Sanders the Activities Co-ordinator at MHA Langholme in Falmouth, pictured with the “Mobii Magic Table.” Picture by Colin Higgs

With the goal of stimulating, engaging and relaxing the mind, the sensory projection technology, which is manufactured by OMi in the UK and nicknamed ‘Mobii magic tables’, comes equipped with quizzes, music and themes that have been designed to prompt conversations, spark nostalgia and maintain memory. Its use of therapeutic scenes and sounds which derive from nature have been known to instantly promote feelings of calm for residents living with dementia.

Through this motion-activated technology, residents can reach out to crack an egg and make a cake, grow a flower simply by touching it, and even dip their toes in the water as the tide rolls in – all without leaving the sense of security that their own room provides. This is made possible by the Mobii’s portable and height-adjustable properties which are able to project coloured streams of light onto any table, bed or floor.

MHA’s Operation Manager for Dementia David Moore said: “The tables provide endless possibilities for residents, their families and staff to enjoy activities together. The technology is portable, meaning everyone within the home can enjoy it.”

Read the full article on the MHA website here: Magic tables’ bring joy and laughter to care homes


OMi Working With Care England

OMi are proud to be Supporter Members of Care England the leading representative body for independent care services in England.

We look forward to working together with Care England to help support the important work of Care Homes of varying types and sizes, amongst them single care homes, small local groups, national providers and not-for-profit voluntary organisations and associations. Providing a variety of services for older people and those with long term conditions, learning disabilities or mental health problems.

To find out more about our partnership with Care England please visit their website at

omi Dementia Event with Jackie Pool

Mobii Magic Surface Webinar

NAPA Awards 2020

On Friday 2nd October we were humbled to be part of the NAPA Awards 2020. An online event hosted by Hilary Woodhead of NAPA to celebrate the amazing individuals who bring so much joy through meaningful activities to people living in care.

It was a fabulously uplifting afternoon of music, dance & moving speeches. We were delighted to sponsor the Conversation & Connection Award won by Briony Spandler of The Dales, Abbeyfield, presented by our Care Consultant, Anna Park who also judged the Unsung Hero Award won by Cathy Ranson of Runwood Homes. It’s never been more important for us to honour those working in care homes everywhere. Congratulations to all the winners & nominees. Let’s hope next year we can all hug each other in person again!

Adult SN Webinar

sensory games and activities for adults with learning difficulties

Mobii Magic Surface is a huge hit in MacIntyre Supported Living Services

MacIntyre are a charity that support and empower young adults with learning disabilities to live lives that make sense to them. We are thrilled to hear that our Mobii Magic Surface has brought so much joy to their Supported Living schemes across Shropshire kindly provided by Shropshire Adult Care Services.

MacIntyre Area Manager Rowan Jackson told us:

‘The Mobii Magic Surface Projector has been just amazing and is in huge demand across all our services’.

Interactive Sensory Floor for adults with special needsShe goes on to explain that many of the people they support are non-verbal, but it is clear from their ‘giggles, smiles and general excitement’ how much they are ‘enjoying interacting with the games, music and activities.’interactive games and activities projected onto the floor by mobii projector

interactive floor projections used by adults with special needsOne of the unexpected benefits, she tells us, has been the extra exercise it has encouraged, with one gentleman losing a significant amount of excess weight due to his regular use of the system. Rowan said the feedback they’ve received from staff running the sessions has been hugely positive with many commenting on ‘how easy it is to use and how much they’ve enjoyed seeing the fun it brings given the restricted times everyone is living in’.mobii sensory projector creates interactive floor activitiesMacIntyre, Shropshire have written to tell us that the Mobii portable projector system has been a ‘huge success and is enjoyed by everyone’. They currently share one of our Mobii mobile systems across many services but are hopeful that they will be able to have more systems to support the people they work with soon.Rowan Jackson,  Area Manager, MacIntyre, Shropshire

Rowan Jackson,  Area Manager, MacIntyre, Shropshire.

Find out more about how MacIntyre are empowering people with disabilities providing learning, support and care for more than 1,200 children, young people and adults who have a learning disability and / or autism. MacIntyre Shropshire provide two Care Homes and Supported Living where the priority is to ensure the people they support take part in meaningful activities every day.

To find out more about how OMi’s omiVista interactive sensory projection systems can improve your quality of care contact us or arrange a demonstration.